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Articles tagged with: Ketra

2 Reasons to Use Ketra Circadian Lighting by Lutron in Your Home

Ketra Circadian Lighting Technology Mimics Natural Light in a Truly Spectacular Way

2 Reasons to Use Ketra Circadian Lighting by Lutron in Your Home

There is no better light than natural light. Imagine harnessing the power and physical benefits of natural light inside your home, even during the winter months. Well, that is exactly what Ketra circadian lighting does.

Ketra’s groundbreaking technology simulates the intensity and color temperature of natural light. Ketra lights also naturally shift during the day, giving you brighter, cooler light during the day and warmer, dimmer light during the evening.

Homeowners in the Bay Area, CA are using Ketra lighting by Lutron more and more because of the immense wellness benefits it provides. Our customers know that they can count on Twilight Solutions to help them install a state-of-the-art lighting system by Ketra. Learn more about the powerful benefits of Ketra circadian lighting below.

Digital Lighting: Tuning into Human Centric Lighting

The future of digital lighting is helping homeowners live happier, healthier lives while simultaneously enhancing beautiful spaces and saving money

Digital Lighting: Tuning into Human Centric Lighting

Light plays a critical role in our lives, whether we realize it or not. Light can set the mood, make a space feel inviting, and even help our mind and bodies function better. Conversely, because so much our lives are now spent indoors, the wrong lighting can have an equally negative result. Twilight Solutions is passionate about creating environments through lighting that are focused on your wellbeing.

One of the secrets to restoring a healthy glow to both yourself and your home is with tunable lighting fixtures. Using the most advanced technology, tunable lighting helps you live a healthier, happier life by bringing natural light to every space in your home. Digital lighting fixtures also make your home more energy efficient and let you add more of your own style which are added bonuses for homeowners and homebuilders alike. Today we’ll go through everything LED lighting fixtures have to offer residents and builders in the San Francisco Bay Area.

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