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The Home Automation Trend for 2021 is Health and Wellness

Technology Focused on Protecting and Promoting Healthy Lifestyles is the Smart Home Must-Have.

The Home Automation Trend for 2021 is Health and Wellness

The new year is a time to review, renew, and refresh, and there is no better time to look at what the trends in home automation installations will be. The annual Consumer Electronics Show (CES) ended recently, and the hot topics are health and wellness.

The effects of the pandemic will continue to impact homeowner decisions. The current outlook states that while the vaccine rollout continues, life will not get back to normal until mid-autumn. There is a new focus on improving personal living environments, making them more conducive to preventative wellness.

What does a focus on well-being in the home mean for home automation installations this year? There are several solutions that a smart home can incorporate to improve health in the home.

To learn more about what Bay Area, CA smart home buyers will be looking for in 2021, read more below.

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Clear the Air

Air purification will be in significant demand, providing peace of mind that a home’s inside air is safe and free from contaminates. As a general rule, Americans spend most of their time indoors, and in the past year, that time has risen substantially.  

The CDC has stated that the only way to guarantee that an HVAC system is not spreading viruses, allergens, mold, and mildew is to have a purification system. Systems that utilize point of entry and central filtering treat the air to capture ultrafine particles as small as 0.0007 microns. Preventing the recirculation of many common virions (virus particles), including COVID-19, is key to stopping the spread.

Light Up Your Life

It is well known that if you do not get a proper amount of rest, your immune system will be compromised. Light plays a surprising role in our well-being as it supplements or interferes with our natural circadian rhythms. The concept of circadian lighting is based on research showing that more natural light improves mood, stirs dopamine production, and increases focus.

Lighting systems that are human-centric, transitioning hues, brightness, and intensity over the course of a day, promote a regular rise and rest routine.  A smart home lighting system incorporates natural and electric lights to provide a transformative balance for you and your family.

Naturally Virtual

With many of us spending so much more time in our houses, the need to have the aspects of nature near us is more pressing than ever. The design theory of Biophilia looks to incorporate softer borders between the inside and outside. It is not always possible to have expansive windows looking out on the world; depending on the build; it may be impractical or implausible to do so.

Virtual window systems bring the naturescapes to you by simulating natural scenes on framed 4K and 8K flat panel monitors. The system enlivens a room with light and sounds, convincing the brain to produce the same responses as it would to being in a sun-dappled field.

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