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Is Your Home Security System Really Secure?

Smart Technology Gives Us Advanced Security Features, But You Still Need to Practice Good Cybersecurity Habits

Is Your Home Security System Really Secure?

Not so many years ago, many home security systems were reasonably straightforward. You had an alarm system, some window and door sensors, and perhaps glass breakage and motion sensors in some areas. You also had a control panel for arming and disarming your system.

Fast forward to today, and there is a bevy of options for keeping homes secure. Video doorbells and smart cameras with two-way communication lead the way in enabling people to keep a constant eye on their homes. Add to that a broad array of sensors that can detect too much heat, water leaks, and other dangers and alert you the minute something is wrong.

Not only that, but smart locks enable easy remote and conditional access to the home. You can give someone temporary access by tapping a button on your smartphone and unlocking your front door. If you forget to close the garage door, another tap can close it – or open it for a delivery while you’re away.

But while all this technology gives us many options, the connectivity presents its own security challenges. Read on to learn more about protecting the home security system in your Bay Area home.

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Keeping an Eye on Your Home

With the holidays over, busy work and school schedules have returned. Smart security can help you know what’s going on at home. A smart camera can discern between your kids and other movement and let you know that they are home safe from school. Have smart locks? You can make sure the doors are locked behind them, too.

If there's a knock on the door and you'd prefer your kids don't answer, the video doorbell can alert you, and you can see who it is. With two-way communication, you can speak to the visitor and ascertain their intentions. With connectivity, you can feel empowered that you are in control.

Ensuring Safe Access

With all this connectivity comes a bit of risk. A recent CNN article detailed several instances of hackers gaining access to Ring camera products, creating some scary situations for some families. Is it that all internet-connected products are inherently unsafe? No, most employ robust encryption and security measures. The culprit in the Ring hacks was poor user security practices. People often use the same simple password across many services, many of them employing simple-to-guess names and birthdates. In the Ring case, the culprit was easy-to-guess login credentials.

One way to avoid credential hacking is by using two-factor authentication. Many of you may already use it on your Google or Apple accounts, and it should also be used for any systems that have access to smart home features. Two-factor authentication uses an additional security measure – like a text message to your smartphone with a code, an acknowledgment from another app, or another secret to unlock access to an app or website.

Safer Networking

Another common intrusion is to hack into home networks. Some people use strong security for their commonly used apps and systems yet fail to secure the administrative login of their router with proper credentials. Sometimes routers are left with default logins, which are easy to hack. An intrusion into a home network could be very dangerous, leaving you open to many risks, including data loss, theft of sensitive information, and disabling of connected home systems, including security.

Twilight Solutions offers services to mitigate the risk of network tampering and keeping all your smart home technology safe from cyber hacks.  We work with professional-grade networking equipment from companies like Access Networks, which offers robust firewall capabilities and frequent software updates to fix any possible security flaws. We also offer service plans with 24/7 remote monitoring to ensure nothing unwanted is getting into your home network.


Make your home security system safe with good cyber practices and professional services and equipment from Twilight Solutions. We proudly serve the Bay Area and beyond from Atherton, Woodside, and San Francisco to Napa and Walnut Creek. Click our chatbox below to be quickly connected to one of our specialists or contact us here; we look forward to working with you.