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How to Choose a Smart Home Automation Company

Service Is the Ultimate Differentiator

How to Choose a Smart Home Automation Company

One of the remarkable things about technology is how quickly it can go from a novelty and convenience to a necessity. How many of us can think of going a day without our smartphone? When something isn't working on it, do you know what to do?

Some technology fixes are easy. With smartphones and computers, sometimes the restart or reboot works magic. Maybe it's just an app that needs an update. Occasionally, a logout and login cure the problem. Beyond those easy fixes, technology issues can sometimes be challenging to diagnose and fix.

We live in the San Francisco Bay area, a hotbed of technological innovation, including smart home automation. Many people work in the technology industry, but that doesn’t guarantee they know what to do when a smart home function goes awry and stubbornly refuses to work. Have you worked on a modern car without the right tools and training? It’s difficult, even if you understand cars. 

That’s why Twilight Solutions believes a high level of service and support makes for a happy smart home automation customer. No technology is perfect, and something invariably will go wrong. The key is how you respond to that. Keep reading to learn more about how Twilight Solutions approaches service and support for smart home automation.


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Service Matters

Much of the experience of smart home automation is about the convenience and luxury of easy command of your home functions. The more you integrate features - like lighting and climate control - the more benefits you can reap. But what happens when all that integration doesn't work quite right? Are you left with a dark and cold house?

Those horror stories have happened. Twilight Solutions aims for that type of scenario to never occur. One way that happens is to have the right level of maintenance and support. We offer multiple service plans, from a very affordable Bronze to the highest level Diamond, that provides a level of service to ensure that your smart home stays as intelligent as the day the system was installed.

We support our clients in multiple ways. Via phone, we are available as quickly as within the hour. Should you need onsite support, we can be available as soon as within four hours with the Diamond plan. With all our plans, if some piece of equipment fails, we replace it without additional cost. We guarantee our labor for a lifetime, so if something is not right post-installation, we will make it work.

What's even better than excellent service is anticipating and fixing a problem before it ever becomes one. We use the Parasol remote support system to monitor your installation proactively and fix issues before you encounter them. You can also communicate with us through the service to resolve any problems with your system efficiently.

The Company You Keep

Another way to gauge the quality of your integrator is the company it keeps. Twilight Solutions is a member of CEDIA (Custom Electronic Design and Installation Association), ASID (American Society of Interior Designers), AIA (American Institute of Architects), a certified dealer for the major home automation brands, and much more.

Our associations are important, and our reputation is known by the industry professionals with whom we work. We know how to work with architects, designers, and builders to integrate the smart home automation solutions you want and ensure that they work well into the future.


For top-tier smart home automation solutions and service, Twilight Solutions is ready to work with you. We proudly serve the Bay Area and beyond from Atherton, Woodside, and San Francisco to Napa and Walnut Creek. Give us a call or click our chatbox below to be quickly connected to one of our specialists and get started today.