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How Motorized Shades Can Enhance the Lighting in Your Next Home Project

Explore the Benefits of Motorized Window Treatments as Part of a Home Lighting Control System

How Motorized Shades Can Enhance the Lighting in Your Next Home Project

When homebuyers are in the market for a new home, they are looking for a space they can make their own. A house that fits their needs and personality and can be molded to reflect who they are. This is especially true for those looking to build their own home in the Bay Area. 

Cozy spaces and unique features are the priority of some while functionality and modern design take center stage for others. As an industry professional, it’s your job to interpret your client’s desires and make them a reality. One universal priority for all California homeowners is optimizing natural and artificial lighting. This is why integrating motorized shades into your lighting control design can improve the salability of your next custom-built home. 

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Convenience for ClientWith Limited Access

The needs of home buyers vary widely, and some clients require certain designs to accommodate limited mobility and access. This is a big selling point for those who are looking to make everyday living more convenient. By integrating motorized shades into a lighting control system, management of hard-to-reach windows becomes a breeze through voice commands, mobile apps, or handheld remotes. Even without accessibility issues, managing window treatments can be a hassle for homeowners, which is why having motorized shades that do not require manual adjustment can improve the overall comfort of occupants

Customized Control for Customized Windows

Windows are critical to the aesthetics of a home design, and window coverings are a big part of the interior look of a home. Especially in custom home builds where window size and shape can vary from standard builds. Window shades come in all sorts of designs and colors, and can really add to an interior design, but still need to be functional as part of the lighting design. Custom motorized shades offer the convenience mentioned above without sacrificing  customizability. Motorized shades are available in a wide range of colors, models, and sizes to meet any décor. Homeowners can then choose the control options that make the most sense depending on how shades are used in specific spaces. 

Control for More Energy Efficient Design 

Windows are a gorgeous element of design, but the downside are the heat gains and losses. Finding the right formula for a home so that solar gain is optimized for each space is a critical design element. But this can get tricky the more rooms a home has. But with motorized blindshomeowners can control and schedule individual window treatmentto optimize daylight and reduce energy consumption by using their insulating properties to reduce the need for air conditioning. A homeowner can open up their lighting controls on their smart home interface and adjust them to their preferencesThey can create schedules as well to open and close at certain times of day to meet energy efficiency goals and comfort levels.


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