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Amp Up the Fun in Your Life With a Lighting Control System

Learn How Tunable Lighting Solutions Can Help You Live and Feel Better

Amp Up the Fun in Your Life With a Lighting Control System

Our everyday lives can be hectic, and when we find the time to slow down, we all want to spend it having fun and relaxing. While work, school, and errands may take up most of your week, we depend on the downtime we get each weekend to relax and do the things we enjoy. Getting away from it all is healthy every now in then, but sometimes it’s better to take a staycation and enjoy the home you’ve worked so hard to cultivate.

home automation system lets you do just that by making life in your Bay Area home simpler, more comfortable, and more convenient. But another way to level up your fun and enjoyment at home is with a lighting control systemGain inspiration below!

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Set the Scene for Your Next Get-Together

Whether you are planning a neighborhood barbeque or a small family get-together, you’ll want to optimize your backyard lightingIf your barbeque is going to carry over into the night, having night twinkle lighting strewn across your lawn and pool can add a touch of magic to a warm summer night. Pathway lights also add a touch of flair while increasing safety and security.If you’re hosting an indoor gathering with your family on a cold winter night, you’ll want to create a cozy atmosphere with soft, warm lights.

Tunable LED lighting solutionspaired with smart control can give you the drama or low-key feel you need. Program your lights to come on, perhaps at staged intervals, or have them slowly dim as the sun goes down. RGB tunable lighting brings pops of color to your gatherings, too! Set your light colors to complement a holiday, birthday, gender reveal, graduation celebration, and more. Whether you use one-tap scenes or a mobile app to fine-tune your colors, control is always easy.

Maybeyou want to utilize some old-fashioned candlelight for a cozy supper. You don’t even have to get up; you can adjust the brightness and color temperature of your lights using your smartphone. For even more convenience, create custom light scenes for occasions like date night or dinnertime that fine-tune your lights to the perfect hues with a button tap or voice command.

Tunable Lighting for Your Every Mood

Lighting can have a significant impact on our moods and even our health. Much attention is being paid to circadian lightingbulbs and fixtures now that can serve as a substitute for natural daylight for those who feel a mood shift during those long winter months. Tunable lighting allows you to control your lighting's color temperature to do just that. So, when you are stuck inside, you can ward off those winter blues with lighting that mimics the sun's rays. You can also change the color temperature to provide warmer lighting to soften a room's ambiance. Whatever you’re feeling, you can use tunable lighting solutions with your lighting control system to achieve it. 


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