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2 Reasons to Use Ketra Circadian Lighting by Lutron in Your Home

Ketra Circadian Lighting Technology Mimics Natural Light in a Truly Spectacular Way

2 Reasons to Use Ketra Circadian Lighting by Lutron in Your Home

There is no better light than natural light. Imagine harnessing the power and physical benefits of natural light inside your home, even during the winter months. Well, that is exactly what Ketra circadian lighting does.

Ketra’s groundbreaking technology simulates the intensity and color temperature of natural light. Ketra lights also naturally shift during the day, giving you brighter, cooler light during the day and warmer, dimmer light during the evening.

Homeowners in the Bay Area, CA are using Ketra lighting by Lutron more and more because of the immense wellness benefits it provides. Our customers know that they can count on Twilight Solutions to help them install a state-of-the-art lighting system by Ketra. Learn more about the powerful benefits of Ketra circadian lighting below.

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1. Ketra Uses Groundbreaking Technology

When it comes to using circadian lighting in your home, Ketra uses top-notch technology that improves overall wellness. Each bulb by Ketra utilizes this technology to mimic natural light.

In order to make sure the color temperature of natural light is consistent across all Ketra bulbs, each bulb's color is measured 360 times a second. Unlike some other lighting systems, Ketra bulbs are built to last and are expected to last 30 years within a home. Over this amount of time Ketra bulbs maintain their consistency and vitality.

2. Ketra Lighting Has Numerous Capabilities

Ketra is extremely compatible with smart home automation systems. This means Ketra lighting will work in tandem with automated shades as well as your security system.

Ketra also makes it easy for you to craft your lighting to your tastes. With numerous shades of whites, pastels, and saturated colors to choose from, your lights can be personalized on a detailed level.

There are, of course, the circadian benefits of Ketra lighting that eliminate blue light elements as the day draws closer to the evening. This helps you sleep easier and, therefore, feel better in the morning. Dimming capabilities are both powerful and subtle, making it easy to create the perfect lighting for any occasion or practical need, from a romantic date night to find your way to the restroom in the middle of the night.

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