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2 Brands to Consider for Your Home Network Installation

Ensure Your Network Performance Can Support Your Connected Activities Today and Tomorrow

2 Brands to Consider for Your Home Network Installation

A home network installation is no small task, and although doing the job yourself may sound easy, it is best to work with home network professionals who know what they are doing. Professionals not only can explain how all the technology works, but they can also direct you to the best brands to choose from.

Two of these brands that are at the top of the list are Araknis Networks and Access Networks. By choosing these brands, you can rest assured that your home network will perform reliably around the clock for work, play, and supporting your smart home.

Our clients in the Bay Area know the importance of hiring a professional when it comes to a home network installation. They put their trust in Twilight Solutions to help them with their home network installation and making the best decisions on which brands to use. Learn why we trust Araknis Networks and Access Networks below.

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1. Araknis Networks

High-speed internet access is an absolute necessity for every modern household.

One of the top brands to consider when it comes to your home network installation is Araknis Networks. That is because Araknis Networks leads the industry when it comes to reliability, coverage, and speed.

Their wireless access points (WAPs) are designed to make sure your home network always has a consistent connection. They also are designed to be discreet and not be an eyesore.

Their 300 Series routers are industry-leading and are ideal for handling high-traffic networks with ease. You’ll also receive cloud-based customer management services via OvrC which enables our team to remotely check the status of your network and connected devices and make quick fixes without stepping into the home.

2. Access Networks

Another brand to consider for your home network installation is Access Networks. Access Networks takes pride in their innovation and integrity. Their top priority is keeping you and your loved ones seamlessly connected to your home network.

Their Wi-Fi 6 access points ensure that your homework is not only reliable and working fast, but that it is also extremely efficient and ready for the future. Get support for multi-gigabit wi-fi performance, connect more devices simultaneously, and avoid interference from other nearby wi-fi networks. Even with tons of devices like tablets, smartphones, media streamers, doorbells, and more connecting to your network, Access Networks Wi-Fi 6 makes sure all these devices are working at full capacity.

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