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Make Meetings More Productive

Modernize Your Conference Room Systems

Make Meetings More Productive

Many employees hate meetings.  They see them as often running too long, wasting time, and not accomplishing anything.  The truth, of course, is that meetings are necessary to foster good communication, share ideas, move projects forward, and a host of other reasons. 

Technology has had a significant role to play in how a company collaborates.  With today’s computers and software, it’s effortless to share ideas with coworkers from your desk – or even the local Peet’s coffee – with audio, video, and document sharing. So, when team members do get into a conference room, the technology you use should help to streamline the efficiency of your meeting.  Sometimes, however, the conference room doesn’t add much more than a table, chairs, a phone, and a screen for plugging in a laptop for presentation slides. 

Technology can help. If you haven’t looked at the latest in conference room systems, you may be missing out on some ways to make your teams actually look forward to meetings.  Read on for a few ideas on how to make your Menlo Park meeting spaces more productive.

Home Theater Receivers and Processors

The Anchor of Your Home’s Audio/Video Installation

Home Theater Receivers and Processors

If you have an investment in high-quality speakers, whether they are active monitors, bookshelf, in-walls, or floor standing towers, it’s not something you have to change or upgrade often. While there certainly are innovations in speaker design, a good speaker will serve up good audio for a long time.  An amplifier is also a component you may not have to change unless you require more power or a better match with a different set of speakers. 

When it comes to home theater and audio-video receivers and processors, the situation is different.  In fact, the word receiver is a misnomer from the days that they were essentially integrated amplifiers with an AM/FM tuner, as they are the nerve centers of many of today’s A/V systems.  Technology has moved quickly in this area, and a top-end model from just a few years ago may not have the features that can carry your system into the future.

Why might you want a receiver or processor upgrade for your audio-video installation in Woodside, CA?  Let’s explore some of the latest features in these multifaceted workhorses.

Want A Green Home?

A Home Automation System Puts You in [Green] Control

Want A Green Home?

In the Bay Area, we’ve always been at the forefront of green technology. Our location in the heart of Silicon Valley certainly has something to do with it. With California now aiming to require all new homes to have solar power, and changes coming to electric rates based on time of day, you may be wondering if it makes sense to invest in solar panels for your home. 

With a solar system and a battery, your home could store solar energy and potentially garner significant savings in energy usage by drawing from the electric grid when rates are lower.

How do you do that?  A home automation system, like that of our partner Control4, could monitor energy generation, usage, and storage, and can help manage systems in your home for the most efficient consumption.

Intrigued?  Read on to learn more.