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Keep the Lights on with a Personal Power Management System

When the Power Goes Out, You’ll Always Have the Electricity You Need

Keep the Lights on with a Personal Power Management System

Have you ever been left in the dark due to a brownout in your area? Few things are more frustrating than a power interruption when cooking dinner, watching TV, or working from home. The issue becomes even more serious when you depend on electric power to run devices for a loved one with disabilities or medical problems. Take back your power security by upgrading your Bay Area, CA home with a personal power management system.

Power backup batteries from Sonnen ensure you are never in the dark when the power goes out. In addition, SurgeX offers state-of-the-art surge protectors that keep your home network and electrical appliances safe in the event of any electrical spike or interruption. Find out how you can enjoy clean, stable power in your home by reading our blog below.

Get Ready for Summer with Outdoor Audio, Video, and Lighting

It’s Time to Take the Entertainment Outside

Get Ready for Summer with Outdoor Audio, Video, and Lighting

No one needs to be reminded that we've had plenty of time indoors in the Bay Area this year. And while Northern California enjoys great year-round weather overall, summer is here with its extremely predictable long and sunny days.

Last month we talked about some ways of livening up your indoor entertainment with active options like golf and sports simulators. This month we want to explore ways of turning your outdoor spaces into another entertainment zone to enjoy the great weather.

Keep reading to learn more about outdoor audio, video, and lighting options to make the most of the summer.

Entertaining Indoors? Golf Simulators Provide Fun for All Ages

Make Your Media and Home Theaters Indoor Entertainment Centers

Entertaining Indoors? Golf Simulators Provide Fun for All Ages

One of the wonders of digital technology is how powerfully it can simulate real life. While virtual reality technology - much of it developed right here in the Northern California Bay Area – can’t replace real experiences, it gets tantalizingly closer every year.

With the COVID-19 restrictions, we have spent lots of time indoors. And that means much of our entertainment is also happening in a digital or virtual form, whether it’s binge-watching Netflix or video gaming. If you haven’t invested in a media room or home theater, you might be missing out on a more immersive entertainment experience.

Media rooms, game rooms, and home theaters have multipurpose technology. The right audio and video equipment can do more than just give you a great passive video watching experience. Are you into golf? Golf simulators are not only good for practicing your swing or dreaming about winning a virtual U.S. Open; they can also provide fun games for entertaining friends and family. 

For some ideas on enhancing your home entertainment with unique audio and video solutions, read on.

Is Your Home Network Up to Today’s Demands?

With All the Connected Activities at Home, Your Home Network May Be Maxed Out

Is Your Home Network Up to Today’s Demands?

Here in the California Bay Area, the home of Silicon Valley and countless digital innovations, we know about the importance of staying connected and have been increasingly reliant on the internet for years. Amid the current COVID-19 health crisis, the necessity of home connectivity has become even more acute for work, school, entertainment, and more.

While our home networks have been working harder with evermore connected devices, including smart home technology, families are now doing most things at home and relying on the internet – using Zoom and Skype video calls, working with large volumes of data at home, connecting to school online learning platforms, and streaming more video for news, information, and entertainment. All that activity is putting more strain on home networks than ever before.

Fortunately, you can upgrade your home network installation to cope with these new demands. Keep reading for some professional strength solutions to keep your home connected for all the needs of everyone in your household.