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Happy Holidays from Twilight Solutions

Enjoy These Automation Tips and Tricks for your Bay Area Holiday

Happy Holidays from Twilight Solutions

As we close out 2019 and the decade, Twilight Solutions would like to wish everyone a happy, healthy holiday season. For clients and prospects, partners and suppliers, and everyone with whom we work across the San Francisco Bay Area, we thank you for your business and support.

As we are a home technology and automation company, we couldn't let this opportunity pass without a couple of tips for using technology to make the holidays just a little more comfortable and more fun. From voice control to lighting, read on for some practical ways to breeze through all the entertaining and hosting of the season.

Add Fun and Color to Your Holidays

Use RGB Lighting Fixtures and Smart Gaming Simulators for a Festive Holiday

Add Fun and Color to Your Holidays

The holidays are around the corner, and with them comes the chaos of a busy season. Shopping, cooking, work holiday parties, and more will occupy significant parts of the calendar for most people and make it more difficult to entertain visiting guests and family.

With RGB lighting fixtures and smart gaming simulators, you can keep your loved ones entertained during the holidays with added color and fun to your home!

Lights are already an essential part of the seasonal ambiance, and LED technology is making them more customized and intuitive than ever. One of the best features of newer products is RGB color-changing fixtures. By using three LEDs in the bulb – Red, Green, Blue (RGB) – a microcontroller in the bulb can alternate the current through the LED to change the color.

Passing the current through all three LEDs creates white light, and varying the current can produce a broad range of colors in the spectrum. Even better, with smart technology, it's easy to control the LED lights to change color, intensity, and adjust the color temperature of white light.

Smart game simulators like those offered by HD Multi-Sport also add unique fun to any holiday season! Known as one of the most realistic golf simulators on the market, this smart home entertainment ensures great fun indoors for all ages and proves as an excellent alternative when the weather outside is frightful.

Be ready for any holiday at any time of year. Let's explore how you can use RGB lighting fixtures and smart game simulators like HD Multi-Sport for holiday fun this season in the San Francisco Bay Area.

How to Choose a Smart Home Automation Company

Service Is the Ultimate Differentiator

How to Choose a Smart Home Automation Company

One of the remarkable things about technology is how quickly it can go from a novelty and convenience to a necessity. How many of us can think of going a day without our smartphone? When something isn't working on it, do you know what to do?

Some technology fixes are easy. With smartphones and computers, sometimes the restart or reboot works magic. Maybe it's just an app that needs an update. Occasionally, a logout and login cure the problem. Beyond those easy fixes, technology issues can sometimes be challenging to diagnose and fix.

We live in the San Francisco Bay area, a hotbed of technological innovation, including smart home automation. Many people work in the technology industry, but that doesn’t guarantee they know what to do when a smart home function goes awry and stubbornly refuses to work. Have you worked on a modern car without the right tools and training? It’s difficult, even if you understand cars. 

That’s why Twilight Solutions believes a high level of service and support makes for a happy smart home automation customer. No technology is perfect, and something invariably will go wrong. The key is how you respond to that. Keep reading to learn more about how Twilight Solutions approaches service and support for smart home automation.


Can You Retrofit Smart Home Technology?

With Modern Wireless Technologies, You Can Benefit from the Latest Innovations

Can You Retrofit Smart Home Technology?

Much of what we call home automation today began in the 1990s. Before the age of the internet and software-driven devices, there were systems to control and program home technology such as lighting and AV systems. In those days, the technology required quite a bit of wiring.

Fast forward a couple of decades, and the internet protocols we depend on every day, as well as a variety of optimized wireless technologies - RF (radio frequency, Bluetooth, Zigbee, etc.) - are powering new communication and control capabilities in a slew of smart home devices. Add to the sauce the intelligence from inexpensive processing power and software that makes the control systems of 20 years ago blush, and you have sophisticated home automation possibilities available today that used to cost tens of thousands of dollars in equipment and custom programming.

What does this all mean? To answer the premise of the blog, yes, you can. You can add smart home features to your property without taking it down to the studs and adding low voltage wiring everywhere. We're not saying you don't need any cables or wires - there are tradeoffs to fully wireless approaches - but there's much you can do with today's wirelessly connected devices and systems.

So if you want to retrofit smart home features to your home in the San Francisco Bay area, we all know that property here is expensive and budgets are not necessarily unlimited for full-scale remodeling. The good news is that you can get sophisticated smart home technology that doesn’t require you to embark on a major rebuilding project.

Read on for some examples of what’s possible. It may be more than you think.